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Notable Differences between Experienced Keynote Speakers and Newbies

Our regular dealings with keynote speakers have led us to notice a few remarkable things about them. We are able to set apart the experienced speakers from their apprentices.
Age difference will not even be included in the list. When it comes to experience, the premise here is that the more experienced ones will always be the older ones. However, this is not entirely true because there are some speakers who start their career at a later age. Perhaps it might have been late in life that they realized the things that really like to do.

Below are few of the things that we have observed among the different speakers that we deal with on a regular basis:

Willingness to Share

When it comes to sharing best practices, we have observed that the experienced keynote speakers are more open and willing to share what they know. They talk about what they know openly. They love to talk about it that they could go on without interruption. They share what they know with people who might have a need of the information. They might even show a few books that have helped them.

On the contrary, newbies or apprentices are more reserved in sharing what they know. It could be because of the fact that they think they do not know that much yet. However, it could also be because they think that if they lay all their cards on the table then their competitors will easily outdo them. Therefore, most of them try to keep what they know.

Keynote Speakers

Willingness to Learn

Experienced speakers in most cases are reluctant to listen or be told what to do. Many of them think that they already know what they have to know and that no one should tell them what works and what do not.

On the other hand, beginners are willing to learn as much as they can. They listen to every tip and information that the experienced speakers will tell them. They treasure every information they gather because they know that it will help them achieve the success that they wish to accomplish.

Pay or Compensation

It is undeniable that experienced speakers charge a high rate compared to the new players in the field. Veteran speakers will even have the privilege to set certain terms and conditions before they accept an offer. The newbies just do not have that privilege yet. Some of them would even have to deal with clients and haggle the rates.

Number of Appearances or Guesting

Keynote Speaker The experienced keynote speakers are already selective when it comes to accepting invites. Being in the industry for quite some time, they have already achieved a reputation and more people now recognize them for their work. Therefore, they now have the luxury of declining invitations.

Normally famous speakers would only accept invitations for big events or from well-known organization who will be able to meet their demands. They have fewer appearances because of this but all their appearances satisfy the exposure that they need and also the compensation that they require.

On the other hand, newbies are just in the process of making a name in the industry so they try to get as much exposure as they can. Since big events and organizations tend to go for the well-known speakers, many of the newbies will accept almost all the invitations that they get.

A newbie might have to give an inspirational talk in multiple events in a week. These numerous appearances will help them achieve the exposure they need as well the money that they wish to gain.


Well as expected, the veterans are more skilled when it comes to speaking compared to the new keynote speakers. It is for this reason that newbies want to tag along skilled speakers so that they can emulate their behaviors.

Experienced speakers have already encountered almost all types of challenges when it comes to their job and they were able to overcome them all. They now know how to manipulate the outcome of every challenge. This is something that the newbies have yet to learn.

Level of Influence

The number of years that the experienced keynote speakers have makes them experts of the field. People resort to them for advice and people are more likely to listen to them compared to the newbies. Because of the fame and the reputation that they have acquired, people are more likely to believe the things that they have to say. Therefore, if they declare something as true, more people are likely to get persuaded compared to if a newbie had said it.


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