A Solemn Funeral

If you are looking for the best funeral options or cremation services that perfectly meet your budget and needs, then we can help. Our landmark and base of operations is a traditional Southern-style three-level brick-and-frame building in Knoxville, Tennessee, which houses everything needed to conduct a solemn and proper burial or cremation.

Funeral Our property grounds have always been a notable spot for the locals. The verdant dogwood trees are rich with color every year and tulips grow during spring, along with other springtime flowers. Even people who have no business with us go through the driveway and circle the grounds just to marvel at the grounds’ beauty. Our property and building, which has a winding staircase and filled with Southern décor, are where we cater to your funeral needs and honor the dearly departed. Call us so you can see the grounds and the facilities as well as make arrangements with you during this difficult time.Services


We make arrangements so your funeral or burial will go smoothly and solemnly. Plus, we make every service as beautiful as possible to make it a fitting tribute to the departed.
To make burials easier, some of the services that you will most likely get are the following:
•    Help in filing for benefits
•    Bagpipes
•    Dove releases
•    Celebration of Life DVD
•    Pallbearers (when needed)
•    Flower arrangements
•    Offering caskets, vaults, and urns
•    Composing obituaries
•    Conferring burial details with the clergy
•    Procuring death certificate

Caskets and Urns

An important part in the burial or cremation process is the urn or casket. After all, what better way is there to honor your departed loved ones than letting them rest in beautifully handcrafted caskets? Our facility has a wide selection of vaults, caskets, and urns that have been selected for the material and craftsmanship. We provide families with various options in terms of price, features, beauty and protection.

Some of your options for caskets, casings, markers and urns include:
Metal Caskets. Usually made of steel, copper and bronze, metal caskets are selected for their available finishes. They offer long-term protection and are more durable than wood caskets. Copper and bronze caskets are the most durable.

As you choose a metal casket, know that they come in various finishes, styles, grades, and gauges, thus, have a talk with the burial director who can help you choose the right metal casket. Such caskets can be customized in ways to reflect your dearly departed loved one’s life.

Hardwood Caskets: These classical and elegant caskets are available in maple, poplar, ash, walnut, mahogany, and oak and cherry. They look more traditional and are chosen often because of their beauty, rich finish, and warmth. Handcrafted wood caskets may be personalized to reflect your departed loved one’s life.

Outer Burial Containers and Vaults: They protect a casket from the elements of weather, thus, they offer the casket long-term and maximum protection. Some cemeteries require you to use an external burial container to help protect the cemetery grounds. With this regard, have a talk with the funeral director.

Markers and Monuments: You need to place them in a cemetery and use them as permanent memorials. They mark the grave with anything – ranging from a simple marker to an intricate monument. As all markers (even the simplest ones) entail customization (like information presented, font styles, materials, colors, etc.), do coordinate with our staff to help you with your needs.

Urns: Used to contain cremated remains, urns come in various styles and prices. Their styles range from simple casings to grandiose works of art. Before choosing your urn, you have to determine what it is for. Is it to be displayed at home, for scattering, niche placement, or for burial? Our urn choices and styles are unlimited, so you won’t have a problem choosing the urn you need.

Value Package

If you want a hassle-free burial , which offers your departed loved one the respect he/she deserves, you can take advantage of our ‘Value Package’ for a conventional funeral with various features including: basic services of staff and director, burial ceremony, other preparations, removal of remains, standard registry package, use of hearse, and non-protective Triton Casket (gauge 20). However, the package price does not include cash advances, taxes and burial container.

The Grieving Process

funeralsWhen someone in your family dies, emotions among surviving family members tend to overlap clear thoughts. However, it is still vital to maintain a semblance of clarity and provide us with the necessary information when making burial or cremation arrangements.


Some of the pertinent information required is full legal name, mother’s maiden name, and the deceased person’s date of birth, legal residence, spouse’s name, education level, and legal residence, place of birth, occupation, and social security number.

Other information necessary in processing the funeral include: obituary information, recent photograph, burial clothing, jewelry, photos for memorial video, insurance policy information, and military discharge papers.

To help you go through the burial or cremation process, call us. We are available all the time. We make all the necessary arrangements and help you put your loved one to rest peacefully.


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