January, 2017

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Advantages of Using Custom Embroidered Patches in Business

Adding custom patches to the company uniforms could make the brand look more established, secured and sophisticated. Embroidered patches could give higher value of perception to companies and those companies who carefully pay attention in making refined embroideries in employee uniforms represent the brands well with a good sense of responsibility, commitment and reputation.

Custom Embroidered PatchesUsing custom embroidered patches also makes an employee easily recognizable when blended with the others. And because of that recognition, these patches can also make a business standout because of an established image and strong branding recall. What are the different uses of these patches in promoting a business? This article lists down some of the reasons why they are used in businesses:

1. They can serve as a form of advertisement.

Embroidered shirts are like walking billboards. Instead of giving out plain and solid-colored polo shirts or buttoned-down shirts to employees, why not give them collared shirts or statement shirts with an embroidered company logo instead? Not only that it clearly makes a statement, it also advertises the brand of the company and promotes employee recognition.

2. They look professional.

Company shirts that have custom embroidered patches are appealing to the eyes. It is because logos and company names look professionally trendy when they are embroidered using a high quality of materials. Current embroidered shirts also set the bar for creating future ones. Constant creation of embroidered patches is essential especially when a business is targeting expansion and brand promotion. Not only that it increases the client’s recall when it comes to the company name, it also symbolizes business continuity.

When torn between custom embroidery and screen printing, it’s safe to stick with the former than the latter especially if companies are targeting the design quality regardless of time and budget.

3. It differentiates the business from the rest.

In promoting a business, being unique usually pays off. Come up with embroidered designs and tie them up with strong business promotions. Give out embroidered hats and jackets to employees and clients in order to boost company recognition.

4. Logos and themes can be created.

Companies have the liberty to come up with worthy, customized designs for branding and submit it to the design team. Expert digitizers, in return, make it possible for companies to achieve the branding they want by putting these unique logo designs on the promotional items such as shirts, patches, jackets, hats and etc.

5. There’s flexibility in using custom embroideries.

Some may think that custom embroideries can only be used to a limited number of materials but it’s the other way around. Custom embroideries can be done on denim, cotton, fleece sweatshirts, track jackets and even hats or aprons. However, there are types of custom embroidery that work better on a certain type of material so it’s better to ask an expert first before starting the design application.

6. The items with custom embroidered patches can be customized as well.

Make first impressions last by adding the first names of the employees in front of the shirt with embroidered company logo so that customers can address them properly for concerns.

7. There are a lot of experts to talk to.

Custom-PatchesIn choosing the right embroiderer, consider different factors. Several apparel manufacturers offer alternative options, quick turnaround time and excellent customer service. Also, there are other manufacturers who can provide a variety of choices ranging from the text colors, lettering and fabric designs for the embroidered patches. Ask them if they can also accommodate the embroidery of other promotional items from the company such as blankets, bags, jackets and hats.

Custom embroidered patches may be small things that are usually ignored by many but they play a vital role in representing the business and all the people inside it. Without them, there would be a chaotic brand recall in terms of business promotion.

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