• The First Assembly Method for PCB Fabrication

    Design for manufacturing (DFM) is an important component of the design process. Although not as popular as DFM, design for assembly (DFA) is just asRead More

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  • A Solemn Funeral

    If you are looking for the best funeral options or cremation services that perfectly meet your budget and needs, then we can help. Our landmarkRead More

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The First Assembly Method for PCB Fabrication

pcb-assembly Design for manufacturing (DFM) is an important component of the design process. Although not as popular as DFM, design for assembly (DFA) is just as important. If you optimize your printed circuit board (PCB) so that it would be created perfectly, yet make it so the PCB would only be assembled through laborious hand soldering, then you would save cents for each board when it comes to PCB fabrication. To prevent this, both the assembly and manufacturing have to be considered during the design stage. Fortunately, you do not have to compromise between assembly and manufacturing, and in most cases, you can come up with a design that is both easy to assemble and fabricate. The first step for DFA is to get to know the assembly process.

Have a Smooth Relationship with the PCB Manufacturer

You need to contact the PCB assembly house and discuss the project with them. There should be constant communication all through the life of the product as well as regular discussions and feedbacks between the two parties. Every manufacturer would have its own procedures, requirements, and strengths that you need to know. The manufacturer would likely assign an account manager to help you coordinate with every team member as necessary. Personally visit the PCB fabrication site, if possible, to meet the team and be familiar with the process.

This would be a great opportunity to get an impression of the company and to know how professional and responsive their employees are. Observe the production floor and make sure that they follow safety precautions on electrostatic discharge (ESD), that ongoing projects are well-planned, and that the facility in general is free of chemicals, dust, and debris. Still, some of the things you might have difficulty with later on include lengthy communication delays, inconsistent views from different team members, and disorganized facilities.

Importance of Providing the Right Information

In preparation to submit the PCBs for assembly, there are some things you have to provide the manufacturer. This includes the bill of materials (BOM), which includes the description, part number, reference number, package type, and value. The information has to be correct and complete, so the manufacturer would put components on the right places. A good PCB fabrication house would ask for clarification if there is something that seems strange to them.

When the PCB assembly house has obtained all the necessary information, they would start by evaluating what they’ve received. They would find faults and work with you to resolve them. A few PCB manufacturers run designs using their own verification software to create digital design images and help detect errors from part to footprint.

pcb-assembly-serviceAfterwards, depending if it uses a turn-key procedure, they could order components on your behalf. If it is only for PCB assembly, you have to ship them the parts and boards, ensuring you provide them with the proper supplies. Again, appropriate labelling and paperwork is crucial. If the board and BOM match with the right reference designators, but parts were mislabelled, there would be delays. The worst thing that could happen is requiring a rework for the entire run, which significantly increases PCB fabrication costs. Discuss with the manufacturer for equipment checklists.

Some assembly houses would even provide you custom equipment labels for free to help you with supply preparation. When the first step is done, the next is to start the physical assembly process using pick-and-place machines. Then the PCBs will go through soldering and testing. Dedicated PCB manufacturers have the experience, expertise, and proper equipment to do all these. By knowing the PCB fabrication process, you could improve quality and increase quantity while reducing costs.

A Solemn Funeral

If you are looking for the best funeral options or cremation services that perfectly meet your budget and needs, then we can help. Our landmark and base of operations is a traditional Southern-style three-level brick-and-frame building in Knoxville, Tennessee, which houses everything needed to conduct a solemn and proper burial or cremation.

Funeral Our property grounds have always been a notable spot for the locals. The verdant dogwood trees are rich with color every year and tulips grow during spring, along with other springtime flowers. Even people who have no business with us go through the driveway and circle the grounds just to marvel at the grounds’ beauty. Our property and building, which has a winding staircase and filled with Southern décor, are where we cater to your funeral needs and honor the dearly departed. Call us so you can see the grounds and the facilities as well as make arrangements with you during this difficult time.Services


We make arrangements so your funeral or burial will go smoothly and solemnly. Plus, we make every service as beautiful as possible to make it a fitting tribute to the departed.
To make burials easier, some of the services that you will most likely get are the following:
•    Help in filing for benefits
•    Bagpipes
•    Dove releases
•    Celebration of Life DVD
•    Pallbearers (when needed)
•    Flower arrangements
•    Offering caskets, vaults, and urns
•    Composing obituaries
•    Conferring burial details with the clergy
•    Procuring death certificate

Caskets and Urns

An important part in the burial or cremation process is the urn or casket. After all, what better way is there to honor your departed loved ones than letting them rest in beautifully handcrafted caskets? Our facility has a wide selection of vaults, caskets, and urns that have been selected for the material and craftsmanship. We provide families with various options in terms of price, features, beauty and protection.

Some of your options for caskets, casings, markers and urns include:
Metal Caskets. Usually made of steel, copper and bronze, metal caskets are selected for their available finishes. They offer long-term protection and are more durable than wood caskets. Copper and bronze caskets are the most durable.

As you choose a metal casket, know that they come in various finishes, styles, grades, and gauges, thus, have a talk with the burial director who can help you choose the right metal casket. Such caskets can be customized in ways to reflect your dearly departed loved one’s life.

Hardwood Caskets: These classical and elegant caskets are available in maple, poplar, ash, walnut, mahogany, and oak and cherry. They look more traditional and are chosen often because of their beauty, rich finish, and warmth. Handcrafted wood caskets may be personalized to reflect your departed loved one’s life.

Outer Burial Containers and Vaults: They protect a casket from the elements of weather, thus, they offer the casket long-term and maximum protection. Some cemeteries require you to use an external burial container to help protect the cemetery grounds. With this regard, have a talk with the funeral director.

Markers and Monuments: You need to place them in a cemetery and use them as permanent memorials. They mark the grave with anything – ranging from a simple marker to an intricate monument. As all markers (even the simplest ones) entail customization (like information presented, font styles, materials, colors, etc.), do coordinate with our staff to help you with your needs.

Urns: Used to contain cremated remains, urns come in various styles and prices. Their styles range from simple casings to grandiose works of art. Before choosing your urn, you have to determine what it is for. Is it to be displayed at home, for scattering, niche placement, or for burial? Our urn choices and styles are unlimited, so you won’t have a problem choosing the urn you need.

Value Package

If you want a hassle-free burial , which offers your departed loved one the respect he/she deserves, you can take advantage of our ‘Value Package’ for a conventional funeral with various features including: basic services of staff and director, burial ceremony, other preparations, removal of remains, standard registry package, use of hearse, and non-protective Triton Casket (gauge 20). However, the package price does not include cash advances, taxes and burial container.

The Grieving Process

funeralsWhen someone in your family dies, emotions among surviving family members tend to overlap clear thoughts. However, it is still vital to maintain a semblance of clarity and provide us with the necessary information when making burial or cremation arrangements.


Some of the pertinent information required is full legal name, mother’s maiden name, and the deceased person’s date of birth, legal residence, spouse’s name, education level, and legal residence, place of birth, occupation, and social security number.

Other information necessary in processing the funeral include: obituary information, recent photograph, burial clothing, jewelry, photos for memorial video, insurance policy information, and military discharge papers.

To help you go through the burial or cremation process, call us. We are available all the time. We make all the necessary arrangements and help you put your loved one to rest peacefully.


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Advantages of Using Custom Embroidered Patches in Business

Adding custom patches to the company uniforms could make the brand look more established, secured and sophisticated. Embroidered patches could give higher value of perception to companies and those companies who carefully pay attention in making refined embroideries in employee uniforms represent the brands well with a good sense of responsibility, commitment and reputation.

Custom Embroidered PatchesUsing custom embroidered patches also makes an employee easily recognizable when blended with the others. And because of that recognition, these patches can also make a business standout because of an established image and strong branding recall. What are the different uses of these patches in promoting a business? This article lists down some of the reasons why they are used in businesses:

1. They can serve as a form of advertisement.

Embroidered shirts are like walking billboards. Instead of giving out plain and solid-colored polo shirts or buttoned-down shirts to employees, why not give them collared shirts or statement shirts with an embroidered company logo instead? Not only that it clearly makes a statement, it also advertises the brand of the company and promotes employee recognition.

2. They look professional.

Company shirts that have custom embroidered patches are appealing to the eyes. It is because logos and company names look professionally trendy when they are embroidered using a high quality of materials. Current embroidered shirts also set the bar for creating future ones. Constant creation of embroidered patches is essential especially when a business is targeting expansion and brand promotion. Not only that it increases the client’s recall when it comes to the company name, it also symbolizes business continuity.

When torn between custom embroidery and screen printing, it’s safe to stick with the former than the latter especially if companies are targeting the design quality regardless of time and budget.

3. It differentiates the business from the rest.

In promoting a business, being unique usually pays off. Come up with embroidered designs and tie them up with strong business promotions. Give out embroidered hats and jackets to employees and clients in order to boost company recognition.

4. Logos and themes can be created.

Companies have the liberty to come up with worthy, customized designs for branding and submit it to the design team. Expert digitizers, in return, make it possible for companies to achieve the branding they want by putting these unique logo designs on the promotional items such as shirts, patches, jackets, hats and etc.

5. There’s flexibility in using custom embroideries.

Some may think that custom embroideries can only be used to a limited number of materials but it’s the other way around. Custom embroideries can be done on denim, cotton, fleece sweatshirts, track jackets and even hats or aprons. However, there are types of custom embroidery that work better on a certain type of material so it’s better to ask an expert first before starting the design application.

6. The items with custom embroidered patches can be customized as well.

Make first impressions last by adding the first names of the employees in front of the shirt with embroidered company logo so that customers can address them properly for concerns.

7. There are a lot of experts to talk to.

Custom-PatchesIn choosing the right embroiderer, consider different factors. Several apparel manufacturers offer alternative options, quick turnaround time and excellent customer service. Also, there are other manufacturers who can provide a variety of choices ranging from the text colors, lettering and fabric designs for the embroidered patches. Ask them if they can also accommodate the embroidery of other promotional items from the company such as blankets, bags, jackets and hats.

Custom embroidered patches may be small things that are usually ignored by many but they play a vital role in representing the business and all the people inside it. Without them, there would be a chaotic brand recall in terms of business promotion.

Custom embroidered patches  can boost morale, promote your brand and increase sales!At Patches4Less, we’re proud to offer the finest custom embroidered patches for the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

Notable Differences between Experienced Keynote Speakers and Newbies

Our regular dealings with keynote speakers have led us to notice a few remarkable things about them. We are able to set apart the experienced speakers from their apprentices.
Age difference will not even be included in the list. When it comes to experience, the premise here is that the more experienced ones will always be the older ones. However, this is not entirely true because there are some speakers who start their career at a later age. Perhaps it might have been late in life that they realized the things that really like to do.

Below are few of the things that we have observed among the different speakers that we deal with on a regular basis:

Willingness to Share

When it comes to sharing best practices, we have observed that the experienced keynote speakers are more open and willing to share what they know. They talk about what they know openly. They love to talk about it that they could go on without interruption. They share what they know with people who might have a need of the information. They might even show a few books that have helped them.

On the contrary, newbies or apprentices are more reserved in sharing what they know. It could be because of the fact that they think they do not know that much yet. However, it could also be because they think that if they lay all their cards on the table then their competitors will easily outdo them. Therefore, most of them try to keep what they know.

Keynote Speakers

Willingness to Learn

Experienced speakers in most cases are reluctant to listen or be told what to do. Many of them think that they already know what they have to know and that no one should tell them what works and what do not.

On the other hand, beginners are willing to learn as much as they can. They listen to every tip and information that the experienced speakers will tell them. They treasure every information they gather because they know that it will help them achieve the success that they wish to accomplish.

Pay or Compensation

It is undeniable that experienced speakers charge a high rate compared to the new players in the field. Veteran speakers will even have the privilege to set certain terms and conditions before they accept an offer. The newbies just do not have that privilege yet. Some of them would even have to deal with clients and haggle the rates.

Number of Appearances or Guesting

Keynote Speaker The experienced keynote speakers are already selective when it comes to accepting invites. Being in the industry for quite some time, they have already achieved a reputation and more people now recognize them for their work. Therefore, they now have the luxury of declining invitations.

Normally famous speakers would only accept invitations for big events or from well-known organization who will be able to meet their demands. They have fewer appearances because of this but all their appearances satisfy the exposure that they need and also the compensation that they require.

On the other hand, newbies are just in the process of making a name in the industry so they try to get as much exposure as they can. Since big events and organizations tend to go for the well-known speakers, many of the newbies will accept almost all the invitations that they get.

A newbie might have to give an inspirational talk in multiple events in a week. These numerous appearances will help them achieve the exposure they need as well the money that they wish to gain.


Well as expected, the veterans are more skilled when it comes to speaking compared to the new keynote speakers. It is for this reason that newbies want to tag along skilled speakers so that they can emulate their behaviors.

Experienced speakers have already encountered almost all types of challenges when it comes to their job and they were able to overcome them all. They now know how to manipulate the outcome of every challenge. This is something that the newbies have yet to learn.

Level of Influence

The number of years that the experienced keynote speakers have makes them experts of the field. People resort to them for advice and people are more likely to listen to them compared to the newbies. Because of the fame and the reputation that they have acquired, people are more likely to believe the things that they have to say. Therefore, if they declare something as true, more people are likely to get persuaded compared to if a newbie had said it.


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Driving the Golf Drivers

In a golf tournament, the much awaited moment aside from the awarding ceremonies is the tee-off. At tee-off, all the registered players are there to hit those golf balls as hard as they can to land them to the farthest distance in the fairways. However, the acceptable truth is that at the end of the tournament, only one winner will emerge. Nobody knows that you may be that winner. In this article, special wooden golf clubs intended for long distance shots will be discussed. These wooden golf clubs are called golf drivers.

It was written that the sport of golf originated from Scotland earlier than the fifteenth century:

During those days, sticks or clubs were used to hit pebbles, sending them across or over hills of sand. It was only in the later part of the 1800’s that the sticks were replaced by golf clubs. It was also during that time when golf was recognized as a sport, giving birth to golf associations outside Scotland. Among the first golf associations outside Scotland were in Hong Kong, New York and Ireland. Since then, the sport of golf spread around the globe.

A game of golf starts with the tee-off. From the tee-off point, the objective of players is to send the golf balls to the fairways. From the fairways, the next objective is to send the ball to the green, and eventually finish the hole by putting the golf ball to the hole. For long distance shots, a special wood golf club is designed, the golf driver. It is included in the wood golf clubs and is commonly known as #1 wood.

Golf Drivers

Of all the golf clubs, the driver has the lowest loft or angle and this is most probably the lightest among the clubs. With its low loft or angle, the driver is capable of sending the ball to an estimated distance of around 200 yards or more, but this depends on the strength of the player’s arms. The original driver design was only a little larger than the other wood golf clubs. However, to get the best results, the driver was redesigned with a bigger head and face.

Considered the most important among the golf clubs, drivers are also the most expensive:

Because of the long distance that the driver can cover, the golf ball may most probably land near the green. Possible birdie or one- under par, or even an eagle or two-under par, may be attained once the ball is near the green.

Golf Driver Like the rest of the wood golf clubs, the golf drivers of today are not actually made of wood unlike in the older days that they were made of hardwood. Today’s drivers’ heads are mostly made of steel. These drivers cost cheaper than those whose heads are made of titanium. However, the choices of drivers’ heads still depend on the players. With respect to the lofts or angles, the ideal is between 7 and 12 degrees. It was said that tests of drivers with higher lofts show that balls will land farther than those drivers with lower lofts.

The United States Golf Association or the USGA sanctions golf equipment including golf drivers and other golf clubs. Every year, thousands of golf equipment are tested by the USGA to ensure conformity with the association’s requirements. The golf equipment must pass the test for them to be allowed use in tournaments throughout the United States of America.

One criterion taken up in the USGA tests of golf equipment is the length of golf clubs, and that includes the driver. A standard length is set at forty-eight (48) inches to be allowed use in tournaments. However, the putters are exempted from this ruling because the size of the putter is dependent upon the size (height) of the player. Some companies that manufactured golf clubs, designed drivers that are longer than the regulated length of 48 inches. However, those long drivers were not allowed to participate in tournaments.

Most golf clubs, including the driver, have steel shafts:

With a steel shaft, a player may have more control over the club but may slow down the swing. However, a driver with steel shaft is heavier than a driver with graphite shaft. Although lighter and can uplift club head speed, drivers with graphite shafts may not perform as accurately as those with steel shafts.

Golf drivers are considered the most important and most expensive among all the golf clubs. With a low budget, playing your favorite sport of golf seems unlikely to happen. Adding the costs of other golf equipment, hitting the fairways is far from reality. However, with rockbottomgolf, everything is possible.

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At rockbottomgolf, high quality, durable and affordable golf equipment are within your reach. Therefore, dress up, pack your equipment, and head for the golf course to enjoy exciting rounds of golf.

Identifying What Content to Create and How to Promote It

content writing

Understanding your skills and capabilities will help you find the right content to promote online. In the world of search engine optimization, you will need to know the basics before you can work on the more complex methods. The best content is the one which can be promoted and shared by users. That way, your brand can get more exposure while your website gets higher traffic volumes. In hiring a specialist, the main goal is to identify the best practices when it comes to SEO.

Below are the various types of potential content assets that are shareable:

  • Content that can solve the problems of customers and prospects.content writing
  • Reverse engineer something that is already effective.
  • Make other site look good for prospective customers and users.

It’s important to concentrate on creating various content assets that can potentially dominate the web. With real value and real time delivery of information, internet users can easily find what they are searching for after a few clicks. Online marketers need to have an organized plan to efficiently promote their assets. And by mapping your assets with the use of specific keywords or key phrases, you can quickly create more viable plan to ensure web traffic and ranking.

Avoiding the Frequent Issues Encountered by Online Businesses

With regards to frequent technical SEO concerns and best practices, there are sure things to consider. For instance, you need to deal with SEO basics in order to find the best methods on how to improve your web performance. Link building is also important and you need to incorporate links so that your site will get more visits and conversions. And because there is a constant change happening on search engines, it’s necessary to upgrade your website to these changes. Page speed is a concern that websites need toSEO tools pay attention to. No matter what platform the users decide to use when looking for information on the internet, it’s important that your website loads fast.

Remember that search engines place an increased emphasis on fast-loading websites. This is beneficial to internet users and search engines because it boosts conversion rates of any website. With the useful SEO tools designed by Google, marketers are now equipped with the right resources on how to effectively manage SEO practices. In terms of mobile friendliness, your site needs to secure fast loading platform on mobile devices especially now that people are relying on their smartphones and tablets when surfing the net.

However, web owners need to avoid duplicate content. This is actually one of the major problems online marketers encounter today because it can risk their sites in the latest Panda updates. Duplicate content simply weakens link equity in two pages rather than in one single page. This means that you page lessens your chance to rank on search results. Also, duplicated content only clutters your website making it low quality in appearance.

How to Win More Customers Online

If you want to maximize SEO results, you need to measure and track your activities. With the help of key metrics, it’s easier to gauge your search engine optimization efforts in a cost effective way. You can contact an SEO expert if you are interested in learning the latest SEO techniques today. Organic traffic will give you higher ranking as well as well optimized website. The analytic tools will help you measure your web traffic in a specific period.

In addition, organic leads and sales will put your brand on top of the industry. The easiest way to track down progress is to use Google Analytics or other ecommerce tracking tool. The data you will obtain from this procedure will give you insights on how to improve your products and services online. Some of the important things to remember include the following:

  • Web based analytics are inadequate.
  • Systems can create gaps when tracking.
  • Lifetime value metrics and attributions can be risky.

Exploring More Opportunities through SEO

For most business owners, understanding the technical features of search engine Opportunities through SEOoptimization is important. From keywords to targeted audience, you need to know how everything works before you can achieve successful online marketing. Local SEO can provide you with targeted customers particularly in your area. This is an excellent way to boost your sales without exerting too much effort on things that don’t really matter anymore.

And if you’ve learned these guidelines, you are sure to achieve your online marketing goals in no time. The best thing is to know your priorities, understand the needs of your customers, and provide the best solutions in a cost efficient manner. You will succeed if you implement ethical practices in your business. Always keep in mind that spiteful tactics will only bring harm to your website. To learn more tips in making your website the best option for users and search engines, simply hire an SEO specialist or click here to get one.

Top Content Writing Skills to Master before Becoming a Good Writer

content writing

Becoming a successful content writer is never easy. You will need to understand a lot of things before you even write your first web content or online post. However, it is really enjoying to create your own content and see them posted on websites, so we will share with you the top skills to master in order to help you succeed in content writing and make it your long-term profession. Trust us; it is indeed a rewarding experience to be able to produce quality content for you and for others.

content writingWriting, perhaps, is your dream job ever since, but we all know that achieving something is not that simple. We need to work for it real hard just so we can realize all our goals in life. Some writers get hired to create content such as product descriptions, novel, or anything related to magazines and newspapers. Just embrace the fact that not all writer aspirants can turn their dreams into reality. You will need to spend more time acquiring the right skills and knowledge while boosting motivation to succeed in this industry. Imagine J.K. Rowling struggling during the early days when publishers do not even pay attention to fresh writers like her.

Learning the Right Skills

The enviable life that content writers live today actually makes a nine-to-five employee envious. These writers work from home and enjoy freedom when it comes to managing their own time. However, some of them don’t make enough money for a living. The secret is to allocate enough time in writing and get more gigs online so that income will stay stable. Since writing skills won’t simply be enough to establish a career, it is important to consider the following marketable skills in order to ensure higher earnings:

  • Mastering the varied writing styles – If you really want to succeed in content writing, you should know that there are various writing styles that you have to master. Perhaps, your client may order news, blogs, ad copies, white papers, and even school-related articles. The formula to become an excellent writer is to know these skills and provide quality output in a consistent manner.
  • Don’t choose random subjects – Ideation is perhaps a buzzword in the marketing industry. It simply describes the artistic process of seeking certain topics, angle and title to write. This usually begins in analyzing data or any available information. While most ideations today are completed through team setting, freelance writers can also write by their own. Things to learn include understanding the audience, performing keyword research, checking out current market competition, and crafting snappy titles.
  • Originality is key – Successful writers completely understand the meaning of originality. You don’t just copy someone else’s work and publish it on the internet. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Before you publish any content, make sure that it is one hundred percent original. Remember, a good writer never copy anyone’s writing because he knows better.
  • Understand how WordPress, CSS, HTML, and SEO works – If you haven’t heard any of these yet, don’t fret. You will, of course, need the basics of these concepts in order to know how to deal with them once you have encountered such terms from a client. You can search the web to learn about how these things work. However, updating your SEO knowledge is not that easy. Quality and relevance are important to any web content so be sure to produce reliable output.
  • social media channelsSpecialize on social media channels as well – If you are a content writer, it is a smart move to immerse yourself in the social media world. This is because the consumers are now educated in using social media sites when searching for information and connecting to distant loved ones across the globe. Do not ever forget the essence of name recognition when it comes to online marketing. If you are visible to online consumers then it is easy to establish your brand while giving prospects the exact details they need.

Consistently, content writers need to keep research a practical formula to marketing success. Whether it is market research or keyword research, always believe in the power of searching for the current market trends worldwide. In fact, to fill yourself with excellent content ideas, you have to stay updated with what is happening around the world. Apart from organizing your writing outputs, you also need to look for the specific styles and emotions to put into so that you can pierce right through the hearts and minds of the readers. Before we end this, make sure to consistently improve your writing by putting your talent into practice.